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Would you like Sell your home before the competition?

Are you an investor looking for the hard to find properties?

Would you like to find your dream home?

Have you been at the mercy of Google/ Face book/ Zillow and,

Our team is laser-focused on leveraging Our Data Base & big-data to help you dramatically increase your chances and effectiveness to sell and buy properties.

Ask yourself…

Do you know how many people that are searching for the same property as you in your area?

We do.


After 18 years of Real Estate, and thousands invested, our data partner tracks the behavior of 225 million plus Americans.


We extract the people that are "in-market", compile them into a list, and use it both ONLINE & OFFLINE to drive leads and sales.

Think of it as targeting the needles in the haystack, vs. the entire haystack itself.
Get the same technology that...
• Has helped Buyers and Sellers, investors dominate their local market - getting 10x ROI
• Has Helped Sell millions plus worth of Real Estate
• We helped many get down payment assistance to purchase their first home.
Ask yourself if you fit the characteristics of our best clients:

1. Looking for your first home.

2. Looking to move up to a bigger home.

3. investor looking for the hard to find properties.

4. You want to sell your home fast and get top dollar.

5. You need a Professional to take care of an Estate Sale.

6. Are going through a divorce and need an unbiased
Professional Realtor to help sell my home.

7. I need a Luxury home specialist to sell my higher $ home.


Does that sound like you?

If yes, then let's schedule a quick call to make your appointment.

Email me ☛

I look forward to speaking with you.
Ray and Kelly Nadeau
18 years of Real Estate Experience
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Real Estate Brokers
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